Event Summary

Shine Your Light is a 5-week celebration designed to illuminate the industry with creative care and celebrate activity and life enrichment professionals and their residents. Beginning January 25, each week a new guide including prompts for creative conversations and suggestions for engaging activities will bemade available. These guides will inspireparticipants to find joy and meaning through creative engagement and support them towards creating a final “celebration of light”.

How to Participate

  • Watch the kickoff webinar from January 19th
  • Download the Shine Your Light Pre-Guide
  • Download the weekly activity guides: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5
  • Tune in for the weekly Facebook Live events to get additional creative tips
  • Participate in one, two, or all of the weekly activities with your residents
  • Plan a final “celebration of light” for residents, staff, and community members
  • Share your photos using #ShineYourLight on social media
  • Interested in becoming a certified TimeSlips facilitator? TimeSlips is currently offering a 15% discount on online training and certification now through April to all Shine Your Light participants! Click here to sign up for training and enter discount code ACTIVITIESSTRONG at checkout.

Program Overview

WEEK 1: January 25-31

Who is a light in your life?

Activities: creative conversation, sunshine worksheet, You Are MySunshine

Suggested Supplies: plain and colored paper, scissors, pens, pencils, recording

WEEK 2: February 1-7

How can you be a light to others?

Activities: creative conversation, creating a light dance, This Little Light of Mine

Suggested Supplies: paper, iPad, or similar device

WEEK 3: February 8-14

How do you find light in the darkness?

Activities: creative conversation, candle worksheet, postcard writing

Suggested Supplies: plain and colored paper, scissors, pens, pencils, postcards, stamps

WEEK 4: February 15-21

How can we shine light in the world?

Activities: creative conversation, hand shadows, making a light jar

Suggested Supplies: flashlights, mason jars, LED lights, battery-operated tea-lights

WEEK 5: February 22-28

How do you celebrate light in your life?

Activities: creative conversation, I am Poem, a celebration of light!

Suggested Supplies: paper, decorations, copies of previous activities, headphones for a silent listening party

#ShineYourLight Calendar

A CREATIVE CARE CELEBRATION brought to you by #ActivitiesStrong and TimeSlips