Virtual Winter Gathering

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Event Summary

Building on the #ActivitiesStrong Virtual Fall Gathering that focused on the first step of resident engagement, getting to know our residents, this half day event will provide the latest trends in terms of planning programs and experiences in senior living. Gathering the country’s leading resident engagement experts, the #ActivitiesStrong initiative will provide the latest trends, offer exclusive data and best practices to help the industry shape the future of resident engagement as we start thinking of 2021. Sessions will also include the first of its kind data driven analysis of resident engagement using the Resident Engagement Index Score (REIS), an update on the latest compliance measures and implementable strategies to help fight social isolation – and we’ll have a happy hour!


  • Understand the state of resident engagement in a COVID-19 world
  • Examine the latest best practices regarding program and experience planning
  • Implement and use the Resident Engagement Index Score (REIS) for any senior living organization

Participants who attend the live event can earn up to 3 NAB, NCCAP and/or NCCDP CEU credits.
Our event partners are the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals and the National Association of Activity Professionals.


Planning Person-Centered Experiences

Providing person centered opportunities and experiences for those in our care is essential to enhancing their well-being and quality of life. After getting to know our residents through completing assessments and learning life stories, we must determine which key pieces of information will allow us to plan activities that match our residents’ preferences and routines while providing accommodations for successful engagement. Taking the information we have gathered, and using it to plan a personalized environment means that seniors will have access and choices to supplies, adaptations, and opportunities that enhance their physical and mental capabilities, resulting in meaningful engagement for those in our care.


  • This session will list key components required to plan personalized opportunities and experiences for the seniors in your care.
  • Identify ideas to adapt activities to match abilities and strengths.
  • Discover examples of successful person centered experiences for during and after COVID 19.

Colleen Knudson

Director of Activities and Volunteer Services, Attic Angel Place


Featuring Dawn Worsley, President of NCCAP with COVID-19 Updates

Dawn Worsley

President of NCCAP

SESSION 2: 2:30-3:30PM EST

More Than Just Activities: Plan to Create Purpose

Carefully planned activities provide more than mere distraction or diversion, they are an opportunity for individuals to flourish and purposefully engage. They may also assist staff with saving much needed time and energy. This session will provide an overview of the importance of planning activities so you can maximize your time and your resident’s engagement. Featured topics will include planning to ensure your programs compliance, accessible evidenced based practice resources, strategies and templates to help structure session planning.


  • Participants will be able to describe two ways in which carefully planned activities can improve resident engagement.
  • Participants will be able to identify three key components of activity session planning.
  • Participants will be able to identify the core components of wellbeing as defined by CMS.
  • Participants will be able to access a free online resource for therapeutic recreation evidence-based practice resources.

Victoria Crumbie

Director of Recreation, Horsham Center for Jewish Life


Featuring Charles de Vilmorin, CEO and Co-Founder of Linked Senior

Charles de Vilmorin

CEO and Co-Founder of Linked Senior


Planning the Future of Resident Engagement with REIS (Resident Engagement Index Score)

As COVID-19 continues to unfold, it is now clear that the pandemic has a profound impact on the way we engage Senior Living residents. These changes represent a never seen before opportunity for our industry to analyze, evaluate and improve the way we collaborate with older adults so they can live with purpose every day. This session will focus on tangible ways an organization can assess their resident engagement effort and create goals to improve and celebrate success. The methods will be based on exclusive data gathered with the first of its kind Resident Engagement Index Score (REIS) tool.


  • Understand how to assess current resident engagement efforts, discover areas of strengths and opportunities using the REIS
  • Learn ways to improve resident engagement efforts based on REIS data and analysis
  • Assimilate organization wide lasting changes based on the quality improvement (QI) method using REIS

Dr. Jenn Taylor

Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse

Charles de Vilmorin

CEO and Co-Founder of Linked Senior


Bryan Rife hosts an #ActivitiesStrong Happy Hour event

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