Virtual Fall Gathering

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

This event will focus on helping activity and life enrichment professionals understand the state of resident engagement during and after COVID-19, explore best practices and methods and outline the long lasting changes that will occur in how to build person-centered experiences for older adults.


Getting to Know You

In this session attendees will discover the importance of the process of discerning resident preferences and using these as the catalyst for building an effective activities program across the levels of care. What resident information is really necessary for an Activity Professional? How should this information be used? Who should have access to this information? 


  • Understand the importance of the interview and assessment process.
  • Utilizing the individual interests and preferences for programming purposes.
  • Developing quality services and life enrichment to meet the individual needs.

Amy Laughlin

President, National Association of Activity Professionals


SESSION 2: 2:30-3:30PM EST

It Begins with the Resident

Quality interactions in society start by understanding the needs and preferences of an individual to create meaningful and satisfying experiences. As our industry transitions away from a medical, institutional model of elder care to one that is life-affirming, humane, and meaningful, it is essential to understand how to successfully partner with the older adult to insure optimal happiness and well-being.

To truly evaluate resident preferences, providers need to create resources and processes that are evidence-based, actionable, and operationally sound. This is the first step to change from traditional, institutional provider-directed organizational culture to one that is person-directed, supporting autonomy and enhancing well-being. This session will focus on the bedrock of person-centered care: the resident. The presenters will showcase standards in interview tools (Life Story, Preferences Inventory, All About Me Form…) and explain how they should be created and managed as well as how to successfully implement processes that support interdisciplinary approaches while ensuring operational success. Attendees will understand and learn how to review processes that will enable them to collaborate with residents to honor their preferences so they live each day with purpose.


  • Understand the good, best, and better approaches to resident psycho social information gathering.
  • Strategize how to build actionable resident interview tools.
  • Streamline processes and ensure interdisciplinary team approaches to resident engagement.

Abiola Awosanya

Executive Director, Vermont Square LTCH

Charles de Vilmorin

CEO and Co-founder, Linked Senior

SESSION 3: 3:30-4:30PM EST

My Soul Purpose

My Soul Purpose is a new take on the initial client assessment provided by Activity and Social Service Professionals. My Soul Purpose places an emphasis on what specifically “lights” a person up and brings them joy, comfort, and reassurance. This highly interactive 60-minute program walks the participant through the My Soul Purpose document, encourages the participant to use the document on themselves and family members as well as prepares the participant in understanding why this approach to the traditional H&P can better guide 1:! programming and caregiving compassion from the entire team.


  • Participants will be guided through the My Soul Purpose packet/exercise and given access to the document free of charge, to be used at any time.
  • Participants will gain understanding of the limitations in care provisions outlined in traditional care planning.
  • Participants will gain understanding of the power of neutral/positive language when exploring “reasonable reactions” and why this method of perspective taking can impact the quality of care and connections made with a resident during a time of crisis.
  • Participants will gain understanding of individual strengths, preferences, and past experiences that will build on the caregivers’ ability to uniquely address and tailor approaches to de-escalation, before any issues become problematic.
  • Participants will share a portion of the completed My Soul Purpose document with the group during the presentation in an effort to discuss their own sense of enlightenment and share in what the experience has brought to light (specifically regarding issues that they previously did not think pertained to caregiving, trust-building, and connections in communication).

Cathy Braxton

Owner, Silver Dawn, LLC

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