International Montessori
for Dementia Conference

Tuesday, December 6, 2022 // 12-4 PM EST


Our passion is engaging persons living with dementia in meaningful activity, and creating a community of persons who care for each other and are connected to the outside world. We will discuss the implications of this based on various cultures across the world. This approach is the most effective way of reducing responsive behaviors, and results in substantial reduction in the use of psychotropic medications, hypnotics, etc. In essence, it is a way of living which we call the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle®. Though this method initially was developed as an educational system for children, this approach is beneficial for all persons. When applied as a management approach to care partners, it provides a positive work environment, increased autonomy, and high levels of employee engagement. These in turn result in reduced staff turnover, increased longevity, and better communication. Thus, the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® provides a person-centered care approach through all levels of care systems.


  • To explore applications and experiences from AG&D (CARD Training Partner’s in France) as they relate to a resident-driven community.
  • To learn about the latest research using these principles with persons living with dementia in the United States.
  • To discover how these principles can be directly applied to radically improve staff experience and engagement in senior living communities.
SESSION 1: 12-1pm EST | 6pm CEST

Resident-Driven Communities - Montessori Lessons from France

A resident-driven community will be highlighted and demonstrated. The speakers will show examples of how residents take control of their own lives and their own community. They will share how they’ve adapted their learning methods to this new post-pandemic world. Get a glimpse of what happens when you decrease the use of powerpoint and increase the connectivity between participants and how the speakers feel about this new approach.


  • Learn about specific ways that residents have transformed their community to take control.
  • Explore new, creative ways of facilitating in a post-pandemic world with both residents and staff.
  • Understand from facilitators more about the impact of this new way of learning and how it applies to bringing Montessori to life.

Veronique Durand-Moleur

Executive Director,
Montessori Lifestyle AG&D

Jérôme Erkes

R&D Director, Trainer, 
Montessori Lifestyle AG&D

Moderator: Gary Johnson

Leadership Development Consultant,
Monarch Pathways

BREAK: 1-1:30pm EST

Linked Senior Briefing

With Charles de Vilmorin, CEO and Co-Founder, Linked Senior

SESSION 2: 1:30-2:30 PM EST

Montessori Best Practices for People Living with Dementia

Speakers will review outcomes relevant to the quality of life of residents and culture change initiatives. They will discuss what it means to be an applied research organization and how using applied research techniques in the field leads to dramatic changes and transformations for people living with dementia. Learn how the works of Dr. Maria Montessori from so long ago resonates today with current challenges to care provisions for people living with dementia.


  • Understand the impact of applications of Montessori methods on measurable outcomes relevant to dementia care.
  • Be able to describe and define what it means to be an applied research organization.
  • Learn about transformational stories of how Montessori can improve care for those living with dementia.

Dr. Cameron Camp

Director of Research and Development, Center for Applied Research in Dementia

Stacey Flint

Director of Strategic Marketing, WindSong Memory Care Communities

Moderator: Gary Johnson

Leadership Development Consultant, Monarch Pathways

BREAK: 2:30-3:00PM EST

SESSION 3: 3:00-4:00PM EST

Radically Improve Staff Satisfaction Using Montessori

Imagine that you are a front line staff member in a senior living community. When you walk into your place of work, what makes for a good day? Imagine that you experience effective communication that lets you know things that are important to you; that you always know where you stand; and that sometimes during the day, somebody where you work can see you for who you are, and gently nudges you to be your best self. Now, imagine all of those areas of impact are accomplished using Montessori principles—creating an environment where you feel respected, dignified, and equal.


  • Learn about Montessori Inspired communication techniques with staff.
  • Discover a very different approach to accountability with staff using Montessori Inspired principles.
  • Explore using Coaching and Mentoring techniques as a method of preparing a work environment for personal and professional growth.

Gary Johnson

Leadership Development Consultant, Monarch Pathways

Alex Maliwacki

Health Services Administrator,
Sunnyside Village

4:00-4:45 PM EST

Post Conference 
Mixer/Happy Hour

Hosted by Bryan Rife, Director of Quality Assurance, NCCAP

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