SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 // 1-4 PM EST

Event Summary

Linked Senior, Activity Connection, the National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP), and the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) are proud to partner and provide quarterly educational #ActivitiesStrong virtual gatherings. This gathering will focus on helping activity and life enrichment professionals understand the state of resident engagement in a post-COVID-19 world, explore best practices and methods and outline the long lasting changes that will occur in how to build person-centered experiences for older adults.

Participants who attend the live event can earn up to 3 NAB, NCCAP, NCCDP and/or NCTRC CEU Credits.


Activities' Role on the Interdisciplinary Team and Creative Interventions for Sleep Issues

As activities professionals we have all this creative potential that can be used in really practical ways to benefit the residents and the interdisciplinary team. In this session, we will discuss how activities professionals can work alongside our colleagues on the interdisciplinary team, and empower activities professionals to use their skills to offer meaningful and practical interventions — with a special focus on sleep issues. Sleep is important in slowing cognitive decline, preventing injuries, promoting a better mood and reducing risk of aggression, and helping balance the sleep-wake cycle.


  • Discuss how interdisciplinary goals can influence bio-psycho-social wellbeing
  • Describe the impact of dementia on establishing interdisciplinary team goals
  • Identify examples of evidence-based programs that align with the goals of other disciplines to improve resident outcomes, such as reducing falls and improving sleep

Julia Larimer, LNHA, ADC

Founder at and Engage Life Director at Atria Senior Living

Melanie Bunn, RN, MS

Positive Approach to Care® Speaker, Founder, Bunn Consulting, Dementia Training Specialist for Dementia Alliance of North Carolina


Data-Driven Resident Engagement for Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Resident engagement in senior living is often viewed as “nice to have” or “fun” due to the light-hearted nature in which this service is intended, but more evidently, because of a lack of data showing the connection between resident engagement and the impact it has on clinical outcomes. With high-level practices and benchmarks put in place, the return on investment in resident engagement can then be proven, allowing the credibility of activities to move from “nice to have” to “clinically necessary”. In this podcast interview between Dr. Jennifer Stelter and Alisa Tagg, they propose what these practices and benchmarks can entail and how to drive engagement that impacts clinical outcomes, proving the return on investment that will get the attention of owners and operators and to prove how beneficial resident engagement is.


  • Review the familiar, yet underutilized process of APIE and discuss the preliminary results of the Senior Living Index of Resident Engagement Score (SLIRES).
  • From this data review, identify the current challenges within this process in Senior Living and discuss proposed high-level practices and benchmarks to pave the way for a new era in resident engagement.
  • Discuss how to re-evaluate your resident engagement program using a QAPI format to move towards positive clinical outcomes and a return on investment worth mentioning.

Dr. Jennifer Stelter

Chief Engagement Officer, Resident Engagement Institute, Director of Product Research at Linked Senior

Alisa Tagg

BA, ACC-EDU, CADDCT, DCP, CDCS, Association Director, National Association of Activity Professionals


Building Occupancy: Technology, Communication, and Accountability

Senior Living is a unique industry. The pressure to provide home, community, and care, along with managing a property and maintaining regulatory and/or corporate standards creates a unique and complex environment for a business to operate. Whether you are a single community or a multi-site organization, ensuring that you are following through on your promise of person-centered care while providing an exceptional customer experience is a tall order.


  • Support holistic interactions through clinical & social model process
  • Communicate the necessary information to right people within your business
  • Capture interactions with residents and gain transparency both clinical and otherwise

Murry Mercier

General Manager, Senior Living, PointClickCare

Ann Schrempp

Corporate Director of Life Long Learning for Ebenezer Society

Post-Gathering Networking and Happy Hour Event

Presented by Bryan Rife and Dawn Worsley, NCCAP

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